Picturing Empowerment Photo 2019 Contest

Picturing Empowerment Photo 2019 Contest

School Song

We are the Kings & Queens…

School Song (instrumental)
Gargi Kidz India’s fastest growing Play School.

Gargi Kidz believes in that early education is a very crucial part of a child’s development as in initial five years, kids undergo the brain development process at the fastest pace. So this is the time which needs the utmost attention, if kids are monitored and coached well in these initial years, kids can really […]

Merit Scholarship Program

NURTURE THE MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE Scholarships on first come, first serve. Schedule your tour today !! Remission of fee on High Academic Achievement for classes I to III Grades Scholarship amount 100 % – 91 % 50 % discount on tuition fee 90 % –  81 % 40 % discount on tuition fee 80 % […]