Centre Head (Shastri Nagar)


Ms. Priyanka Singh

She is energetic and carries a rich experience in teaching and administration of over 10 years. She has worked with schools in Meerut like, Deewan Public school, Little Flowers, Radha Govind Public School and Mount Litera Zee School.

She is very fond of children and believes that working with young people keeps you more energetic and vibrant from inside. Teaching is her passion and she still loves to teach.

Her philosophy for education is success for every child, as childhood is a journey and not a race.

She strongly believes that disciplined life makes one a better and organized person. The value of time, money and environment which consist of people around us as well as an indispensable things and we cannot attain the heights of success unless we understand it to the core.

She trusts that there should be no limit for students to accomplish and explore but the roots should be intact and strong