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Gargi Kidz believes in that early education is a very crucial part of a child’s development as in initial five years, kids undergo the brain development process at the fastest pace. So this is the time which needs the utmost attention, if kids are monitored and coached well in these initial years, kids can really enhance their personality and creativity. One of the best play schools in India focusing on holistic learning of the kids in their early education.

Our core values

Interactive Learning
Fun games for kids to facilitate interactive learning. Puzzle activities for children to teach English Alphabets, rhymes, counting, colors, shapes, fruits and also interactive games to make them learn faster.
Group Activities
Class activities are wonderful because it gives kids a chance to move around and release energy before it’s time to sit still and focus again. Balloon or foam ball games. The Chair-less musical chairs. Yoga and stretching.
Safety Environment
We have a CCTV Monitoring system for safety with Female Staff Appointed after Background Verification and Child-safe Furniture & Interiors. Also, we have First Aid Kits & Emergency Services for the kids.
Individual Development
We build self-esteem and confidence in every child to develop problem-solving skills in them and encourages new vocabulary usage. We teach children to collaborate with each other , also to be alone and become independent.


Small Class Sizes 1:15
Ideal student teacher ratio achieved through a dedicated and handpicked team of teachers motivated by love for children and passion for teaching.
Activity & Experimental Based Learning
Scientifically designed kids-friendly sand-pit and splash-pool & dedicated play area for younger kids.
Loving & Caring Atmosphere
We offer a conducive & interactive atmosphere to make learning fun for your child instead of being sensed as a burden.
Exclusive Air-Purified Class Rooms
eco-friendly & energy-efficient Cooling system reducing pollution levels in the school.
Hygienic & Secure Campus
100% CCTV enabled campus with 24×7 Security Guards to ensure complete safety and security of your child.
Smart & Theme based Curriculum
offering multi-media based teaching solution – empowering teachers with an interactive & engaging session for increased learning.

Our Programs

(2 – 3 years)
With a balance of self-directed play and thoughtful teacher
(3 – 5 years)
Small class size and exceptional teachers enable them to offer
(6 – 10 years)
Our school follows the guidelines on C.B.S.E. pattern

Why choose us?

  • Small Class Sizes 1:15 ratio
  • Loving & Caring Atmosphere
  • Smart & Theme based Curriculum
  • Trained & Experienced Teachers
  • Activity & Experimental Based Learning
  • Exclusive Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  • Hygienic & Secure Campus
  • Transport with Female Staff

Our News

Our Kindergarten Anniversary

The perfect class for your child with the best staff and best teachers.

Why do aerobically fit children?

We provided 4 classes with 9 to 12 children to 5 years of age.

How Kids make sense of Life Experiences

Our preschool program has four dedicated classes.

Our happy parents

Our Happenings

  • 15 Apr
  • 4:30 pm
Father`s Day Sundaes & Shaving!
Discussion and community dialogue with school staff, parents and community members.

Admissions Process

We are currently accepting Applications for Classes Pre-Nursery & 1st for
the Academic Year 2020—21.

Registration Form
You can download the Registration Form to submit at our nearest Branch with required documents.
Online Enquiry Form
Please fill the Online Application Form to apply as we have a very Limited Seats.
Online Enquiry Form
You may have many Questions or want to know more about the Admission Process.
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