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Gargi Kidz started almost a decade before in 2008 with its first flagship branch in – Meerut (Ganga Nagar). The popularity of this play school in Meerutstarted rising through the parents of the kids who were there in the school in initial years of its operation. Slowly, it became a trendsetter in the city, whose primary reason is the innovative learning with fun modules and passion of the entire staff to give the best a child can get.  In 2012, the second branch of the Play School Opened in Shastri Nagar and now it has become the most preferred pre-school of the city Meerut.

Gargi Kidz is the only preschool with a research and development department. All the teachers and staff undergo rigorous training and are continuously educated about new revelations in child psychology.

You have to dream before your dreams can come true…
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Gargi Kidz promotes and nurtures a pedagogical methodology, for imparting education to young minds, which involves liberalized learning environment in playful conditions; effectively inculcating a sense of curiosity which cultivates ingenuity among children. It empowers every child to achieve her niche. Humankind – Homo Sapiens, has evolved to be better from its ancestors only because it has greater learning skills or endowed with cogent learning skills from nature which enabled it to stand apart from rest of the species on the earth. We, at Gargi Kidz, believe in the same proposition and vie for achieving and maintaining the same set of standards, execution of which will make our children capable learners, unlike usual schooling conditions, which leave students being ‘passive learners.’

So, if you are looking for best pre-school in Meerut, you are at the right place. We are also offering pre-school franchise in India for those passionate people who are willing to work for early childcare and education industry and seeking a long term engagement in this field.