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The children in the age group between 2.5 to 3 years. This level introduces the children to the learning of basic concepts like colors, shapes, moving on to learn about the environment.

In the early phase of education children learn through sensory experiences (see, touch, smell, listen), talking, repetition, and play. These experiences help them learn to sit, talk, eat, problem-solve, interact with others, and more. This learning often happens through everyday interactions such as the scenario above.

Route of study

Our playgroup program is designed in such a way that it helps the child’s transition from home to school. Play way methods, visual discrimination, drawing activities and interactions , stroy telling, sensory activities and many more.


The designed curriculum is carefully implemented by teachers, the learning system emphasis on exploration of new themes through life skills.


It helps in development of child’s cognitive skills, build social skills, co fidence and self esteem.our kids showcase what all they have grasped through learning in the form of dramatization, stage exposures in the parents culmination meet.